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    Outreach Programs

    Are you looking to give Battleship Texas a presence at your event? We offer traveling educational programming for events, organizations, schools, libraries, and others around the Houston area and further.



    The Battleship Texas Foundation offers a variety of opportunities to bring the history of Battleship Texas directly to the classroom! Students will view artifacts, hear stories from veterans, and learn about life aboard TEXAS. Each program can be tailored to a specific need and is best suited for grades 1-12.


    Find out what it takes to be a gunner aboard Battleship Texas during WWII! Gear up and crew a 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun and learn what it took to protect the ship from enemy aircraft. Accompanying the gun is a display of uniforms and equipment each sailor and marine would have worn during battlestations. This program is best suited for grades 5-12+.


    We have a variety of speakers that can present at your event. Our speakers are most often requested for presentations on the general history of Battleship Texas or the ongoing repair and restoration projects. If you have something else or something more specific in mind, we may be able to accommodate your request.

    Outreach Request Form

    Please fill out the attached form to request an outreach program for your event, school, organization, etc. We try to fulfill as many requests as possible, but we cannot fulfill every request.

    • Please submit your request at least 30 days in advance of the event date.
    • The size of your event, length of the event, and distance from Houston are all major factors in whether or not we can fulfill your request.

    Regarding requests for the 20mm Gun Trailer:

    • If your event is multi-day or far enough from Houston that the trailer cannot return the same day, a secure location for overnight storage must be available.
    • The trailer is roughly 12 feet wide by 18 feet long and requires a flat area with reasonable space to back in or pull through in order to park and setup.
    Outreach Request Form
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