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    4/11/24 – Battleship Texas Update

    Posted by Battleship Texas Foundation on April 11, 2024

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    The ship is currently moored at Pier D in Gulf Copper Shipyard, where she will continue to undergo repairs and preparations to become a museum ship once again!


    What’s Next?

    Battleship Texas will remain at Gulf Copper Shipyard until her new home is ready for her. Additional steel work, removal and replacement of the ship’s deck, and superstructure/aft fire control restoration will continue. And painting the topsides!


    The Battleship Texas Foundation is working on new touring opportunities before the ship reopens.


    There is a lot to be done before the ship is ready for touring at its new home in Galveston, Texas. Reopening is projected to happen sometime in 2025 or 2026.


    Aft Fire Control Restoration

    The ship’s aft fire control tower is looking great! The mullions for the windows are fitted, floater net baskets added, and more. These repairs and additions will help return the ship to its 1945 appearance.

    Deck Repairs

    The decking on the ship’s bow will start getting removed next week. Workers will then prepare to repair the steel deck underneath for the new pine deck.

    Radar Top Mast

    The radar top mast has been removed from the ship’s main mast and will receive structural repairs before being placed back on the ship.