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    2/18/24 – Battleship Texas Update

    Posted by Battleship Texas Foundation on February 18, 2024

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    What’s Next?

    Battleship Texas will remain at Gulf Copper Shipyard for the time being. Additional steel work, removal and replacement of the ship’s deck, and superstructure/aft fire control restoration will continue.

    Structural, decking, drainage, and other repairs have already begun on the ship’s foremast and aft fire control tower as part of the Save America’s Treasures grant project.


    The ship will be put back into the water in early March 2024 (weather permitting).


    The ship’s hull has been coated with PPG SIGMASHIELD 880 GF. Historically the ship would be coated with an anti-fouling coat that is red in color, but that coating is no longer needed as the ship is stationary and antifouling is not need to keep the hull free of marine growth for efficient movement through the water.

    Keel Blocks?

    Yes, the keel blocks supporting Battleship Texas can be moved. Each block is moved so the area atop of them can be blasted, repaired (if need be), and coated.

    What about the rudder?

    The rudder will remain where it is. Funding is best spent elsewhere.

    Will the ship run again?

    No, the ship will never be able to run under its own power again.


    The Battleship Texas Foundation is working on new touring opportunities before the ship reopens.


    There is a lot to be done before the ship is ready for touring at its new home in Galveston, Texas. Reopening is projected to happen sometime in 2025 or 2026.


    Docking Keels

    A quality control check was conducted on January 30th, 2024. Leaks were expected and the team has successfully located them. Several of the leaks were under the starboard after docking keel. To fix it requires removing the docking keel, fixing the hull, and installing a new docking keel. For structural support symmetry we are replacing the two after most docking keels. At this time we are only replacing the after two docking keels. We have a procedure for safely removing these blocks that will not structurally damage or compromise the ship.

    Starboard docking keel partially removed and doubler plating being installed, after original steel was blasted and painted.
    The teak "shoe" of the docking keel. The teak is in amazingly good condition.
    Cross section of docking keel - they are supposed to be hollow structures with a frame every four feet and their bottom is made of a heavy channel beam with teak in the channel. This docking keel is filled with mud from San Jacinto.

    Work will continue to ensure that Battleship Texas is leak free, right up until she goes back in the water.

    5″ Guns

    The first restored 5″/51 gun has been returned to the shipyard. This is 5″/51 mount #3. The mount was successfully reinstalled on Saturday and the gun will be reinstalled Monday. The rest of the starboard side guns will be reinstalled over the next week or so, with the port side guns following.

    The gun for 5"/51 mount #3 being landed back on the dry dock, in preparation for reinstallation.
    The carriage and stand for 5"/51 mount #3 back in place, awaiting its gun and final bolting down. Yes those are the threaded rods that holds the mount - they are 24-30" long.
    Aft Fire Control Tower

    Repairs to the ship’s Aft Fire Control tower are ongoing. The windows, which were removed years ago, will be replaced.

    The pipe mullions and window frame strips are fitted in place and awaiting final weld out.