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    10/29/23 – Battleship Texas Update

    Posted by Battleship Texas Foundation on October 29, 2023

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    Torpedo Blisters (COMPLETED)

    The new torpedo blisters are a slightly different design and square off at the bottom below the waterline. This design change will make the new blisters easier to maintain increasing their longevity.

    Leak Testing

    All welds are being tested for leaks. This is done via vacuum box, dye penetrant or magnetic flux depending on the area.

    Sand Blasting

    The ship’s hull is now being sand blasted at night, and inspected for holes and damage during the day. The necessary repairs are made before a coat of black primer is applied.


    The inside of the blisters, and the ship’s hull will be coated to protect against possible corrosion. Gulf Copper has begun priming some of the ship’s exterior.

    Tank Cleaning

    Tanks inside the ship are being inspected, cleaned, and repaired if need be. Some will be coated with a marine coating to help prevent corrosion.


    As work continues moving aft, any holes in the ship’s original hull are being repaired. New plates are added to thinner areas and smaller holes are welded up.

    Super Structure Repairs

    Structural, decking, drainage, and other repairs have begun on the ship’s foremast and aft fire control tower as part of the Save America’s Treasures grant project.

    Deck Repairs

    Gulf Copper’s yard workers are now working on decking on the Flag Bridge and Forward Air Defense Platform (that’s four levels up from the Signal Bridge, where this project started). A part of the deck repairs includes sand blasting and priming the underside. Scaffolding is in place around the foremast for this work.

    Aft Fire Control Tower

    Work continues in the AFCT as the old grating that was installed in 1988 has been completely removed and replaced with a steel deck. Small repairs to the bulkheads are currently ongoing, as the plan is to have it look as it did in 1945.

    Splinter Shields

    Gulf Copper has been correcting many of the Splinter Shields or “Gun Tubs” on the ship. These shields are reproductions installed in the 1988-90 dry docking which are incorrect. Some are being cut to the correct size and shape, others are being entirely replaced.


    Ship’s Name

    The lettering for the ship’s name has been cut from steel plate and will be attached to both sides of the stern. A ton of work and research went into getting the correct font and positioning. Welders have created an outline showing where it will go.

    Hull Number

    The new hull numbers have been extensively researched so each number is not only the correct font, but applied in the appropriate position it was in 1945. Welders have created an outline where that will be painted on in the near future.