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    1/7/24 – Battleship Texas Update

    Posted by Battleship Texas Foundation on January 7, 2024

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    Steel Repairs

    Steel repairs have been completed on the hull of Battleship Texas. Some troublesome areas were found once the ship was sandblasted, so additional repairs have been made. These areas will be blasted and coated before the ship submerges in the water once again.


    The ship’s hull has been coated in PPG SIGMASHIELD 880 GF to protect the steel from potential corrosion. While the hull is supposed to be red below the black band at the waterline, the Battleship Texas Foundation has chosen to not spend the extra funds on a cosmetic choice that will not be seen once the ship is back in the water. The coatings that have been applied are plentiful and should protect the ship for many years to come.

    Navy Blue 5-N

    Above the boot top (above the black band) the ship has been painted Navy Blue 5-N. This color was matched from existing examples found aboard (both internally and externally) the vessel. The ship was painted in this camouflage scheme (Measure 21) prior to deploying to the Pacific Theater in World War II. At this time Battleship Texas is the ONLY museum ship painted in this scheme and only one of two Battleships in their wartime measure.

    Hull Numbers

    The new hull numbers have been extensively researched so each number is not only the correct font, but applied in the appropriate position it was in 1945. The numbers have been applied to both bow and stern.


    Keel Blocks

    Yes, the keel blocks supporting Battleship Texas can be moved. Each block is moved so the area atop of them can be blasted, repaired (if need be), and coated.


    The ship will be put back into the water in February 2024 (if weather permits).

    What’s Next?

    Battleship Texas will remain at Gulf Copper Shipyard for the time being. Additional steel work, removal and replacement of the ship’s deck, and superstructure/aft fire control restoration will continue. Much of the superstructure work is already in progress.