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    Battle Damage

    Posted by Travis Davis on August 7, 2023

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    Since we have scaffolding up around the Navigation Bridge to enable repairs, it has allowed a much closer examination of the structure of the bridge but also of the surviving battle damage from the Battle of Cherbourg on June 25, 1944. Most this damage was caused by shell splinters, some is from blast damage.

    We are going out of our way to preserve this damage and, we hope, to paint all the remaining damage a different color than the ship to highlight the scars she still carries.

    Both pictures show framing underneath the Navigation Bridge. The “ripples” are the result of blast damage from the 240 mm German shell that hit just below.

    Gouges in the framing under the navigation bridge, caused by shrapnel.

    Dents in the splinter shields around the Navigation Bridge walkway, caused by shrapnel.