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    6/23/24 – Battleship Texas Update

    Posted by Battleship Texas Foundation on June 23, 2024

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    The ship is still moored along Pier D in Gulf Copper Shipyard where their people are hard at work. It cannot be understated how much we appreciate their efforts in this undertaking as we know the work before them has not been easy.


    What’s Next?

    Battleship Texas will remain at Gulf Copper Shipyard until her new home is ready for her. Additional steel work, removal and replacement of the ship’s deck, and superstructure/aft fire control restoration will continue. And painting the topsides!


    The Battleship Texas Foundation is working on new touring opportunities before the ship reopens.


    There is a lot to be done before the ship is ready for touring at its new home in Galveston, Texas. Reopening is projected to happen sometime in 2025 or 2026.

    Missing Guns?

    The ship’s anti-aircraft guns are currently undergoing restoration. The guns and gun directors will be replaced once their restoration is complete. The ship’s six 5″ guns have already been reinstalled.


    Deck Repairs

    The decking on the ship’s bow has been removed as well as the wood on the ship’s super structure deck. Steelworkers have repaired pinholes in the underlying steel. The deck on the bow has been blasted, primed, and painted. Carpenters have started dry fitting the margin pieces for the new wood deck. Yes, some of the wood pulled up is being saved to produce items to raise funds. Some deck wood items are already available in the ship’s store.

    New margin boards being dry fit on the deck. Every board is dry fit before it goes through final processing and installation. The red chalk lines show where the new planking will go.
    A strip of new steel installed over a leaky deck seam. This will prevent rainwater intrusion.
    Main Mast

    The deck on the ship’s main mast is being repaired and replaced in certain areas. New safety railings have been installed around ladderways. These railings were installed in 1944 and removed sometime prior to 1989. We are reinstalling them both for safety and historical accuracy. A tarp has gone up over the main mast for blasting and painting. We do not know yet if this will be accessible for tours in the future.

    A tarp is in place for blasting and painting the main mast.
    New safety railing around a ladderway on the main mast.
    Drainage Repairs

    The ship’s drainage system is being restored. This will protect the ship from rain water intrusion and greatly extend the life of the other top-side repairs that are in progress.

    Aft Fire Control Restoration

    The ship’s aft fire control tower is looking great! The mullions for the windows are fitted, floater net baskets added, and more. These repairs and additions will help return the ship to its 1945 appearance.

    Turret Watershed Repairs

    The turret watersheds are being removed for repairs. The watersheds keep water out of the gaps between the turret and barbette. They will be reinstalled once those repairs are complete.

    Radar Top Mast

    The radar top mast has been removed from the ship’s main mast and has largely completed the required repairs. There are a few things which need to be done before it gets its final coat of paint and is reattached to the ship.