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    9/24/23 – Battleship Texas Update

    Posted by Battleship Texas Foundation on September 24, 2023

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    Dry Dock Tours are back! Tours are Sundays only, until January 28th. Click below for more information!

    Dry Dock Tour


    Super Structure Repairs

    Structural, decking, drainage, and other repairs have begun on the ship’s foremast and aft fire control tower as part of the Save America’s Treasures grant project.

    Deck Repairs

    A lot of steel deck and structure is being replaced on the various levels of the ship’s superstructure. There are some very serious issues that have to be addressed before this area will be ready for tourism once again.

    Aft Fire Control Tower

    Work continues in the AFCT as the old grating that was installed in 1988 has been completely removed and replaced with a steel deck. Small repairs to the bulkheads are currently ongoing, as the plan is to have it look as it did in 1945.