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Important Information

Update: The Overnight Program has been suspended until the further notice.
Boys and girls ages 6 and up
Group size: 15 – 80
Groups must follow one adult to six kid ratio
  Program cost:
October – May: $42 per personJune – September: $32 per person
Duration: 5:30 PM night of – 10:00 AM the next morning
Informational Sheet
Reservation Request Form


A Groups can be anywhere from 15-80 people, as long as the group follows the ratio of one adult to six kids.
A Absolutely. We have to have a minimum of 15 people for an overnight program, so you are welcome to join any existing group as long as we don’t exceed 80 people total.
A Yes, adult chaperones must stay the night as well, because a requirement of the program is a one to six adult to child ratio.
A Dinner is not provided, so it is recommended to eat before boarding the ship. Breakfast is provided, however, and participants have the choice of a potato and egg taco, pancake and sausage on a stick, or Honey Nut Cheerios. Groups are welcome to bring snacks to eat during the educational movie, as well.
A Groups are requested to arrive by 6 PM and the program ends at 10 AM the following morning. There are activities the first night as well as the morning after.
A The docents are both male and female and they are extensively trained on the history of the ship.
A June through September the overnight program is $32 a person. October through may, it is $42 per person. This includes breakfast the next morning.
A We will take participants on a tour of the ship, showing them sections that are typically closed to regular visitors and allowing them to interact with several areas of the ship as well as several items on the ship that were used by the sailors when it was at war. We also show an educational movie about the history of the ship, and at the end of the program participants will earn a graduation certificate. To see a full agenda, see the “Important Information” section above.
A Yes – boys and girls are welcome. There are two separate sleeping quarters on the ship, one for girls and one for boys. Both have air conditioning and heating. All ages from 6 and up are welcome.
A Please bring a sleeping bag or blanket(s) and a pillow. Wear light shirt/shorts for summer and shirt/sweater/coat/long pants for winter. Sneakers or hiking boots year round. If it looks like rain, bring a rain coat.
A Fill out the form above and we will be in touch. Or contact the Overnight Educational Program Manager, Kandace Trujillo via email.