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Tour Information

Come And See It! Visit the historic Battleship Texas in dry dock to experience the sheer size and might of the world’s last dreadnought! This 1 hour and 45 minute guided tour around the ship will offer you a chance to learn about the ship’s construction, history, and ongoing repairs that will help preserve her for many years to come. This is an opportunity that any naval enthusiast will not want to miss. Tours are running Sundays only, September through December.

Participants MUST be wearing full length pants and shirts that cover the entire leg and torso. All footwear must be closed toed shoes with good traction. Proper hard hats and eye protection will be provided before each tour. Anyone who does not meet these requirements will NOT be allowed to participate and will have to reschedule their tour.

Participants MUST be at least 16 years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Absolutely NO ONE under the age requirement will be allowed into the shipyard.

Pictures are allowed. Videos are not allowed.

Participants are required to fill out liability waivers and photo release prior to taking the tour.

Dry Dock Tours are conducted at Gulf Copper Dry Dock & Rig Repair in Galveston, Texas.

The parking lot is located on the north side of Todd Road. Please look for signs directing you where to park.

If you have taken a Battleship Texas Dry Dock Tour before, you qualify for a discount if you choose to take the tour again. Please email with your previous tour date and time along with the tour date/time you wish to take. We look forward to seeing you again!

Tickets cannot be refunded, but you will be able to reschedule if necessary. Tickets can be transferred to other individuals.

Tours are conducted rain or shine. In the case that a tour must be canceled due to foul weather, all participants will be rescheduled to a later date that works best for them.

Tours are conducted in an active shipyard making it difficult to make some accommodations. There are no ramps available for mobility scooters or wheelchairs. Participants must be able to walk one mile and stand for up to two hours. We are happy to help those in need, but there are limitations due to the environment the ship is currently in.